Peace and Tranquility

If you ever visit Alberta’s third largest city of Lethbridge, you owe it to yourself to take in the Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden next to Henderson Lake. It was created as an official Canadian Centennial project in 1967. The principles of Japanese garden design and architecture have been combined with plants and geographical features of southern Alberta to create a fusion of “East and West”.

Now, I cannot do justice to the impact this garden should have on the intelligent and aware visitor. It is a peaceful and relaxed place.

And this.And more.But wait,There is more,And more,This was a fine place for us to spend some time. It is peaceful and tranquil. Our friend and family member who loved to walk this area around Henderson Lake, and who unfortunately is no longer with us, will be memorialized with a park bench in her honor. I hope many more lovers of the fusion of nature and human ingenuity will find pleasure and be reinvigorated by a brief respite on the bench placed near Henderson Lake in memory of “Debbie Burger”.

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