Penthouse Potatoes

On Sunday I revelled in a glorious autumn day. On Monday I looked up at a cold grey sky. The little light spot at top, center-right was the sun, and without its welcome warmth it was an uncomfortable but accepted challenge to harvest my tomato crop. Not very impressive, but given the cold and damp summer up here I’m pleased with this tiny bonus. I’m given to understand also that it has been a poor crop season for potatoes in most of Alberta, due to excessive rain. Reports of rotting tubers abound. Well, at 16 floors above ground I harvested … Continue reading Penthouse Potatoes

A Beautiful Day

Sunshine, calm winds and 22 degrees Celsius (72 Fahrenheit degrees) characterized my home in Edmonton today. On balance, the most pleasant day all year. A fine day for a walk around the neighborhood. Last year at about this time I was looking at this outside my window. Thank you “climate change”. I can’t say that with sincerity because it will probably snow within a week. Continue reading A Beautiful Day

While Women Burn

The sorry state of politics, and the oppression of women in particular, in Iran, is a nightmare ignored by an agenda-driven media in the west. In politics, most media organizations are obsessed with continuing the “true” intellectual orthodoxy, i.e., restoration or maintenance of Leftist governments. Added now, with religious fervor, is the “extraordinary popular delusion” of “climate change” hysteria. Meanwhile in Iran, as reported by Masih Alinejad, a young woman set herself on fire after being sentenced to 6 months in prison for daring to sneak into a soccer stadium. I doubt if this incident was unusual. The desperation and … Continue reading While Women Burn

September 01, Back to Normal

We enjoyed the hospitality everywhere we’ve been in the last week plus. I think we acknowledged that at all commercial establishments in the appropriate manner. We also thank our lake hosts, at the secluded cabin and at Cougar Bay. What a great time we all experienced. A lovely visit. Now however, we’re at home and we take comfort in enjoying our morning coffee in the manner to which we’ve become accustomed. Thanks to all who have followed this indulgence of sharing our travel experience. Soon, I’ll be back to commenting on the travesties in ethics and politics that permeate our … Continue reading September 01, Back to Normal

August 31-September 01, The Road Home

As part of our Friday evening we enjoyed dinner at the Iron Horse Pub in Lone Butte. We also endured a strange encounter with a couple of old hippies from Washington State. I’ll save the description thereof for another time but I’ll just say, “Could everyone just focus on reality for a change”? On Saturday morning we had breakfast at the High Five Diner in Little Fort. We contextually recommend this stop along Highway 5, if not just for the fact our waitress smiled and responded in the negative when Marlene asked if the Hollandaise was freshly made. Many miles … Continue reading August 31-September 01, The Road Home

August 30-31, Time to Go

On Friday, August 30th we’ve decided to start our return trip home. We have 1000 kilometres (625 miles) to travel, probably in variable road conditions. There was a phase in my life where this would be a minor inconvenience, but my present attitude is: “take it easy”. After packing up our things, the initial journey is a 30 minute trip up the lake to our original launch point at Cougar Bay. First, we say goodbye to our temporary home. Speeding up the lake in relative silence we just take in the pleasure of being with friends in the fresh air … Continue reading August 30-31, Time to Go

August 29-30, All Good Things . . .

The end is near for this little adventure, but we’ll be enthused to plan another one. For now we’ll just stroll up to the cabin for dinner one last time. Postprandial activities are limited to card games for some, and perhaps some idle chitchat. Of course, there’s time for another sunset. It darkens quickly after sunset and Julian needs to do one final inspection of the environs before retiring. The rest of us are content to hunker down cozily in the confines of the brightly lit cabin. Much laughter ensues as stories are told. Tomorrow (Friday) it will be time … Continue reading August 29-30, All Good Things . . .

August 29-30, A Little Cruise

Some fishermen say that the fish don’t bite on clear sunny days. It is said that cool, even drizzling rain is preferable. Others say early morning or evening are the best times to be successful in fishing. Who knows? Not me. At any rate, we’re off for a tour around the lake, having given up on even getting a nibble on a bright and sunny afternoon. The sisters are having a serious discussion. The mountains visible in the background are in Wells Gray Park. Within the next day or two I’ll be driving north on Highway 5—on the other side … Continue reading August 29-30, A Little Cruise

August 29-30, Last Night, But First . . .

Thursday night will be our last at the cabin, so we take advantage of one of the nicer days, in regard to weather. I’ll start with a walk along the beach in the morning. Julian accompanies me but leads the way. He’s so far in the lead he’s barely visible in this photo. My guide dog has taken me about as far as we can go before the path along the beach becomes a tangle of thick underbrush, so we pause to breathe some fresh air and then head back to the cabin. We know we’re home when we reach … Continue reading August 29-30, Last Night, But First . . .