August 25-26: Salmon Arm

This post is in arrears, as will be the remainder for our road trip. I need to catch up after being “off the grid” for several days.

More on the aforementioned to follow, but happy to report on a pleasant evening in Salmon Arm near the Shuswap Lake.

Our highlight was the Barley Station Brewpub where we enjoyed an early appetizer and beverage so much that we returned a few hours later for dinner. The bartender and other staff welcomed us back, which we thought was a nice touch. It’s a busy place with lots of tourists passing through.

Marlene had a lamb burger on pita bread and fresh side salad. Reportedly delicious.

I chose an Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl, lightly grilled tuna, endamame, assorted fresh vegetables, including watermelon radish, and local peaches.

A weird side note. While seated at the bar I noticed an impressive array of single malt Scotch. I inquired about one whisky with which I was not familiar. It was a locally distilled whisky, but of course cannot be called “Scotch,” notwithstanding it may have been prepared using similar methods.

Tomorrow (Monday) we are headed to Cariboo country along the Gold Rush Trail.

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