August 26-27 Going, Going . . ..

Leaving Salmon Arm, we stop at a local market for fresh corn on the cob. It will be part of a large dinner later, at Horsefly Lake. We are keeping it in a portable cooler which has been holding a thawing 7-9 kilogram frozen turkey on ice for 3 days already. Interesting story there for another time.

We are passing through the welcoming warmth of the Shuswap and on through Kamloops along the Trans-Canada highway. We stop at a roadside rest-stop overlooking Kamloops Lake.

Regrettably, not everything at this stop is as welcoming as all that’s been seen so far.

Frankly, I am more concerned about the men who orchestrated these signs than I am about the danger presented by any rattlesnakes nearby.

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