August 26-27, Lunch and Gone

It’s a long trip already, so we stop for lunch in 100 Mile House. Not too many options around here but we find The Chartreuse Moose, a Coffee House and lunch counter.

Marlene has a delicious soup and fine egg salad sandwich.

I go for a chicken pot pie and side salad. The latter was not much to be talked about but the pie was rich and creamy with lots of chicken and fresh vegetables in the filling. The crust topping was light and nicely browned.

In about 2 hours or less we’ll be “off the grid”. In an hour or so we turn off Highway 97 at 150 Mile House and lose mobile telephone and internet service.

Driving along a narrower, but still paved portion of the Gold Rush Trail, we are heading about 50 more kilometers to the town of Horsefly, B.C. Shortly thereafter, the pavement ends.

There are 20 kilometres of gravel road to travel before reaching the turnoff to Cougar Bay, followed by steep descent on a narrow trail for about 4 kilometres before reaching the lake.


However, the trip isn’t over yet. We’ve driven 1700 kilometres in 3 days, but our destination is another 10 kilometres by boat further down the lake. It’s the only sensible way to get there.

It’s late, so we’re off to the cabin for some rest. More to follow.

One thought on “August 26-27, Lunch and Gone

  1. Dear M&E
    Love your messages & pictures of food fun + the places you are staying. Keep the fun coming!!!

    Love from W & J

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