August 28-29, Back Up The Lake, And Back

No, we’re not going to Turkey, we’re having a turkey dinner this afternoon. But first, more fishing.

Caught another nice little trout, which was encouraging.

The fish roe in the corner of the pan is a treat for Julian.

We thought for a moment we’d have a good fishing story about the big one that got away, but it turned out to be a snag in our otherwise perfect plan.

You see, it was a beautiful looking day on the lake and Curt thought we might try going a little deeper for a chance at lake trout.

This lake is deep, about 600 feet in places. Using a lead line we started trolling deeper than the 15 foot level where we’d hooked Rainbow and some little Kokanee previously.

Both of us thought there was a monster on my line and I started reeling him in. Before the fight really started the line snapped at the reel and it was all gone, hook, line and sinker. Now there was a story.

Not so fast my friend. It soon became apparent that Curt’s line was snagged. As I took to reeling in his line, Curt reversed the boat to take up slack and bring us closer to the source of the snag.

We soon found out our lines had crossed and snagged, probably on a submerged log. The good news is we were able to recover both lures and all tackle, again, hooks, lines and sinkers.

But it’s time to head back to the cabin.

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