August 28-29, Toward Civilization, and Back

The rest of this Wednesday was more or less pre-planned. We’d carted a thawing turkey for 1700 kilometres for 3 days in a cooler, adding fresh corn on the cob as previously noted.

Originally, the bird was to be spatchcocked and roasted over an open fire. Circumstances were such that it was deemed prudent to leave that meal preparation in the hands of Martha, who is a new friend. She and her husband Bob have the property which features, among many other accoutrements, a lakeside dock.

At any rate, we set out from the cabin toward Martha and Bob’s place, passing Spirit Island along the way.


According to our hosts, the island could have been purchased for about 80 thousand dollars 15 years ago. Today’s price is near a half million. Inflation I guess.

Anyway, our dinner hosts await. The turkey we brought is on the smoker and Martha has put together a fabulous meal. In deference to privacy I have limited photos. But, I can show the dock and view of the lake.

We lounge about for a while and enjoy a lovely visit.

Eventually evening sets a hurdle and we need to get back down the lake. It’s a half hour trip with darkness looming.

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