Greta “d’Thunberg,” the “Maid of Gaia”

Greta Thunberg, whom the Calgary Herald describes as the “world’s most famous climate activist,” may be coming to Alberta, a Canadian province which was once a promising and reliable source of the energy needed for supporting an advanced industrial civilization.

Thanks to the anti-life policies of the last federal Liberal and provincial New Democratic Party governments, Alberta’s economy may have succumbed to the political and religious pressures of organized environmentalism.

Organized environmentalism’s Greta Thunberg has been compared to Joan d’Arc, nicknamed the “Maid of Orleans”. This comparison is apt.

St. Joan allegedly heard voices from God, which in part guided her activities in the latter phases of the Hundred Years War between England and France. The Seige of Orleans and her emotional and physical participation therein earned Joan the nickname, and eventually, sainthood in the Catholic Church.

Greta Thunberg may be hearing voices too. She has claimed (or her mother on her behalf has claimed her) to be able to “see carbon dioxide,” a perceptual capabability no other human possesses. Consequently, Greta Thunberg just knows that this invisible gas is the principal agent in “climate change” and that human activity is the causal factor. That, and that she claims to have read the full United Nations IPPC report on the matter, and is very annoyed that the rest of us don’t necessarily agree to be pawns in a worldwide environmental dictatorship.

Like St. Joan, Greta is responding to “voices,” but they are secular voices, larded with “greenbacks,” or financial means otherwise provided by “rent-seeking,” “green energy” entrepreneurs and investors. (And, let’s not overlook the sanctimonious preachings of politicians on the subject.)

Observe that all wars are political rather than scientific in nature and you will understand why the “climate change” hysteria is characterized by claims that the “science is settled”.

Greta Thunberg is battling on behalf of the planet Earth apparently, for Gaia. It is this “natural paradise” she proposes we return to, with no regard for the millions who will perish in a return to primitivism.

Powerful stuff, worthy of “sainthood”.

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