“Mr. Dressup” Defeats “Howdy Doody” in a Decision

As many expected, Justin Trudeau has defeated his main opponent in the Canadian Federal Election 2019, but with a minority of seats.

Andrew Scheer, with his boyish face and steady grin reminded me of the puppet character from the old “Howdy Doody” television program from the 1950s and 1960s. His outlook was similar; everything will always be alright in the end.

However, Scheer’s Conservatives were not able to gin up enough support from the voters in Ontario and Quebec—the only provinces where votes really count in a Federal Election—and so Liberals carried the day in left-leaning Canada once again.

And, to add insult to injury, Mr. Scheer’s address to supporters and concession speech was cut off in media coverage to switch to Mr. Trudeau who, indifferent to the tradition of allowing the opposition to finish first, started his victory lap speech. One would have thought he would be more humbled, having lost a majority government.

The media by the way, didn’t have much choice in the matter. They know who’s paying their bills, thanks to new Liberal government subsidies for the industry.

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