Violations of Rights

An imbroglio in Canada’s House of Commons developed recently over a “summer jobs program” funded by the government. Well, not so much the program, which all parties seem to agree is a good thing. In fact, the article refers to it as a “normally feel-good program.” The trouble started when Mr. Trudeau’s government introduced a condition for funding applications this year. It is the requirement that applicants must sign an attestation that their organization’s “core mandate” respects the notion of “reproductive rights.” Otherwise, their applications would be rejected. Over 1500 have been rejected so far with just over 100 at … Continue reading Violations of Rights


In a recent article, David Frum strolls close to an insightful interpretation of the Chick-Fil-A incident but then struts off down a superficial path. His conclusion is that the American political system is ill-equipped to “…solve real-world problems.” That is not the proper role of any political system. Chick-Fil-A is the 1600-outlet restaurant franchise started by the Cathy family whose members openly support Christian causes. This offends many who are willing to use the iron hand of government to mollify their hurt feelings. The Chick-Fil-A story—allegedly pitting gays against Christians over same-sex marriage—indicates a turning point to Mr. Frum. He … Continue reading Political-Fil-A

Duelling With Wolves

Al-Qaeda is on its last legs, according to various US officials; an analysis by journalist Peter Goodspeed touches on the related issues in a National Post article. However, some officials say the main threat now comes from “home-grown” terror. “Lone-Wolves” using the internet to learn their evil craft or to organize plots with other wolves pose a greater danger to us all. The US government is preparing to handle duelling with wolves in its usual blunt-force manner. Fear-Mongering I’ve made the point before that fear-mongering by various named and “unnamed” officials contributes to further abuses of rights using such police-state … Continue reading Duelling With Wolves

Home Grown Terror

An unnamed official, through the assistance of mainstream media, is encouraging an atmosphere of “home grown” terror in North America. This is not news to those who understand the tactics of terror; unfortunately, it is mainly the terrorists who possess this understanding. A Reuters story dated 6 July 2011 has the aforementioned unnamed official effectively warning us that terrorists may be scheming to have undetectable explosive devices surgically implanted in their bodies. This would make it easier to smuggle them onto airplanes for later detonation. The unnamed official, according to the story, stresses that no attacks are imminent however. (Foregoing emphasis … Continue reading Home Grown Terror

Suffering Suffrage

Canadians head to the polls May 2 for the fifth federal general election this century—more precisely, probably more than one-half of eligible voters will exercise their suffrage. The last election in 2008 was the first since confederation in which voter turnout dropped below 60 percent. Voter participation in Canada has usually been greater than that of its American neighbour, but with the unusually interesting 2008 campaign in the United States, even the Americans had a better turnout. Concern has risen over generally declining rates of voter participation in western democracies. Who is concerned? In most cases it appears to be … Continue reading Suffering Suffrage

On Government and Other Looters

On March 23 an opposition non-confidence motion was passed by a margin of 11 votes in the Canadian House of Commons. Parliament was subsequently dissolved and another Canadian election will be held on May 2. On April 4, US President Barack Obama announced his intention to seek re-election in November 2012. Meanwhile, gridlock in the US Congress over negotiations to cut government spending threatens shutdown of the US government. In June of last year, the New Flemish Alliance, a Dutch separatist party emerged as the largest following elections in Belgium. The various political parties could not form a governing coalition … Continue reading On Government and Other Looters

Oil Prices, Gas Prices and Government

Every spring it seems we hear the same old refrain about higher oil prices and higher gas prices. Government and media advise that the price of fuel at the pump is going up; there may be shortages in oil supplies leading to higher gas prices just as we head into the summer driving season. In the wake of this noise comes a chorus of calls for more government regulation of the oil industry and of oil traders, paying particular attention to “obscene” oil company profits and speculators. Cutting through the fog of political rhetoric and media hype, the fundamental issue … Continue reading Oil Prices, Gas Prices and Government

Kafka and Kelley

Kelley Williams-Bolar may not be familiar with the literary works of Franz Kafka, but her life recently has been a Kafkaesque nightmare. After serving 10 days in jail, convicted on a charge of falsifying residency documents, she faces 3 years probation and slave-duty to the State with 80 hours of “community service”. Why? She wanted her two daughters to attend a safer school than the one designated for her home in downtown Akron, Ohio. The area is riddled with crime mostly related to the illicit drug trade; police have recorded 12 break-ins at her residence. Kelley’s father, Edward Williams, lives … Continue reading Kafka and Kelley

Era of Big Government Not Over

The question of whether Barack Obama would tack to the political center in Tuesday’s State of the Union address was answered resoundingly. Over the course of sixty-two minutes President Obama clarified that he remains a Big Government man. The mercantilist export, socialist education, corporatist industrial and Marxist taxation policies implicit in his remarks can be summed up as “statism”—that is, the state is the preferred means to achieve peace and prosperity. Burdened by an unsustainable debt load and the failure of interventionist policies, the obvious prescription is for fiscal restraint and political statesmanship. What do the American people get instead?—promises … Continue reading Era of Big Government Not Over