The Bully Class

The disturbing story of an older school bus monitor bullied by a group of young school kids is more about class conflict than bullying. “Bullying” is just a name for any remotely similar incident requiring a convenient label for media and public consumption. It discourages further analysis. Bullies we’re told are cowards, so they intimidate from a position of superior physical strength or numbers; you can add social class as a factor. These bastards taunted Karen Klein because they thought they could do so with impunity by virtue of their assumed superiority. In watching their entire video it is readily … Continue reading The Bully Class

Occupy Thy Self

Efforts to rationalize the revolutionary significance of the so-called “Occupy Wall Street” movement are mostly futile. There is not much new about a gaggle of placard-waving, anarchist-inclined people protesting with slogans about rich versus poor, capitalists versus workers, love versus money (or war) and chanting “power to the people”. The “sit-in” of fifty years ago has become today’s “Occupy (fill in the blank)”. Occupiers vs. Tea Partiers Comparisons of the “Occupiers” to the Tea Party phenomenon have been made. Applications of “left” versus “right” political orientation have respectively labelled the Occupiers and Tea Partiers as “left-wing” radicals and “right-wing” extremists. … Continue reading Occupy Thy Self