Anyone Recognize the Erosion of the Individual in This?

I have inserted a post from Facebook below. Neil Murphy has posted there a link to an article from which looks at the views of the great Hannah Arendt, whilst searching for an explanation for what seems like an inordinate number of “mass shootings” occurring recently. My reading of the article is that Arendt’s views were not fundamental enough to be used as an explanation, although she was certainly on the right track. She is best known for her writings on the concept of totalitarianism. But, political theories are not enough. The bureaucratization of society which is referred to … Continue reading Anyone Recognize the Erosion of the Individual in This?

Provoking the “Borg”

I am not convinced that a proper government should be involved in administering the registration and licensing of motor vehicles for operation, but it is the case in most jurisdictions. It ought to be a straightforward procedure to perform the necessary recordkeeping for processing payments, issuing vehicle tags, tracking expiring registrations and perhaps issuing reminders for renewals pending. But of course, when government goes beyond its proper scope of protecting individual rights, all manner of inefficiencies and injustices are certain to occur. [The primary source of information for what follows can be found in a National Post article, which is … Continue reading Provoking the “Borg”

Violations of Rights

An imbroglio in Canada’s House of Commons developed recently over a “summer jobs program” funded by the government. Well, not so much the program, which all parties seem to agree is a good thing. In fact, the article refers to it as a “normally feel-good program.” The trouble started when Mr. Trudeau’s government introduced a condition for funding applications this year. It is the requirement that applicants must sign an attestation that their organization’s “core mandate” respects the notion of “reproductive rights.” Otherwise, their applications would be rejected. Over 1500 have been rejected so far with just over 100 at … Continue reading Violations of Rights

Obligation to Work

It is a characteristic of human nature that man must work in order to survive. That is, man does not possess physical advantages to forage for survival nor does he have an instinct to guide him in self-preservation. The defining attribute of man is his mind. He must think and act in accord with a chosen path of productiveness in order to survive. Anything that obstructs or impairs him in this quest that is not present in nature is destructive and evil. Barriers placed in the way of man’s creativity and productivity by other men are immoral. One must keep … Continue reading Obligation to Work

Felon Protests

The 2012 Quebec Student Protests (for which an adequate informational summary may be obtained on Wikipedia) are in essence an event reminiscient of 1960s social unrest. There is no rational connection between the dominant activities of these “protestors” and the facts of reality. Consider the following: Quebec students pay the lowest levels of tuition in North America. the key issue in the protests is a tuition fee increase to be phased in over a period of time. like all welfare states, education costs in Quebec and the rest of Canada are subsidized in excess of 50 percent by taxpayers. the … Continue reading Felon Protests

Duelling With Wolves

Al-Qaeda is on its last legs, according to various US officials; an analysis by journalist Peter Goodspeed touches on the related issues in a National Post article. However, some officials say the main threat now comes from “home-grown” terror. “Lone-Wolves” using the internet to learn their evil craft or to organize plots with other wolves pose a greater danger to us all. The US government is preparing to handle duelling with wolves in its usual blunt-force manner. Fear-Mongering I’ve made the point before that fear-mongering by various named and “unnamed” officials contributes to further abuses of rights using such police-state … Continue reading Duelling With Wolves

The Right Food

Did you know that the United Nations employs a position entitled, “The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food”? I did not know it either. Prof. Olivier De Schutter holds that position and his job is to compile reports for the governing body. That is what a Rapporteur does routinely. Prof. Olivier De Schutter has denounced, according to an Agence France-Presse article appearing in the National Post online, a current UN report which supports the Israeli commando raid on a Turkish “aid flotilla” in May of last year. The “Gaza Freedom Flotilla” was bent on breaking the Gaza … Continue reading The Right Food

Home Grown Terror

An unnamed official, through the assistance of mainstream media, is encouraging an atmosphere of “home grown” terror in North America. This is not news to those who understand the tactics of terror; unfortunately, it is mainly the terrorists who possess this understanding. A Reuters story dated 6 July 2011 has the aforementioned unnamed official effectively warning us that terrorists may be scheming to have undetectable explosive devices surgically implanted in their bodies. This would make it easier to smuggle them onto airplanes for later detonation. The unnamed official, according to the story, stresses that no attacks are imminent however. (Foregoing emphasis … Continue reading Home Grown Terror

Kiss Off

There have been overtures made to me regarding the kissing couple featured in my last essay. It was pointed out by one commenter that viewed from the opposite perspective it seemed the young man was helping the young woman to resuscitate, she perhaps having lost her breath after being knocked down by the mob revellers. Another source has suggested to me that a parent of the young man in the photo actually recognized him and confirmed that yes; in fact he was trying diligently to revive the young woman. I would only ask that, especially of those among you who … Continue reading Kiss Off