Dictators, Take Note . . ..

“You people,” take note. If more of us in the west were to speak out, and especially those in high profile positions such as politicians, celebrities, media mavens and media “talking heads,” the dictatorships of the world would collapse relatively quickly. The great fear of dictators is that they will lose the “support” of their victims. In the age of instant communication the strategy for freedom lovers should be a “no-brainer.” It’s a moral issue. Anti-regime protests have now entered their third day in Iran. Women are at the forefront of #IranProtests. Watch the awe-inspiring bravery of this woman as … Continue reading Dictators, Take Note . . ..

“Mr. Dressup” Defeats “Howdy Doody” in a Decision

As many expected, Justin Trudeau has defeated his main opponent in the Canadian Federal Election 2019, but with a minority of seats. Andrew Scheer, with his boyish face and steady grin reminded me of the puppet character from the old “Howdy Doody” television program from the 1950s and 1960s. His outlook was similar; everything will always be alright in the end. However, Scheer’s Conservatives were not able to gin up enough support from the voters in Ontario and Quebec—the only provinces where votes really count in a Federal Election—and so Liberals carried the day in left-leaning Canada once again. And, … Continue reading “Mr. Dressup” Defeats “Howdy Doody” in a Decision

Two Way Kinsella

Warren Kinsella and his consulting firm allegedly were hired to run a smear campaign against Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party of Canada. This story was broken by The Globe and Mail. The smearing apparently included the modern tactic of making accusations of “racism” against Bernier and his party. Now, after several days of attention from media and others, Mr. Kinsella wants to get away from it all. You can read his statement linked below. Then ask yourself, if Bernier and his party are “indisputably racist,” as Kinsella claims, why was a smear campaign required? Kinsella writes: "Maxime Bernier and … Continue reading Two Way Kinsella

Where’s Max?

Daily news reports in Canada this week will inform you of the location of Liberal, Conservative, New Democratic Party and Green Party leaders in the days leading up to a federal election on Monday. However, if you’ve heard of Maxime Bernier and the fastest growing political party in Canadian history, the People’s Party of Canada, you may wonder, “where’s Max”? That’s probably because Maxime Bernier and his party are the only ones standing for political freedom in a statist country. (Or maybe because Max would defund the CBC!) Continue reading Where’s Max?

“Progressing” Toward What Exactly?

Days ahead of Canada’s federal election, Barack Obama “interferes” in Canadian politics, endorsing Justin Trudeau for his “progressive leadership”. (And, of course, the Canadian media is wetting its collective underwear in the excitement.) Obama may have been the first “anti-American” president, in as much as he had a vision for the US that was thoroughly collectivist against the unique legacy of individual rights upon which that great republic was formed. Small wonder then, despite the corruption, injustice and embarrassing antics that has characterized the Trudeau government, one dyed-in-the-wool statist would endorse another. The full force of the state is necessary … Continue reading “Progressing” Toward What Exactly?

Moral Responsibility

Advertisers, or “partners” in sponsorship of events have a moral responsibility to understand what they’re sanctioning when spending their advertising and promotional budgets. Air Canada, the Government of Quebec, Desjardins, the Consular General of France in Quebec, and others are supporting a conference in Montreal next week called: “Climate Emergency: Must we introduce an environmental dictatorship?” This is according to an article by ThePostMillenial.com linked below via Twitter and referenced by Maxime Bernier, the only decent national political leader in Canada, in my judgment. I leave it to you to consider the depravity that permeates our culture in connection with … Continue reading Moral Responsibility

Greta “d’Thunberg,” the “Maid of Gaia”

Greta Thunberg, whom the Calgary Herald describes as the “world’s most famous climate activist,” may be coming to Alberta, a Canadian province which was once a promising and reliable source of the energy needed for supporting an advanced industrial civilization. Thanks to the anti-life policies of the last federal Liberal and provincial New Democratic Party governments, Alberta’s economy may have succumbed to the political and religious pressures of organized environmentalism. Organized environmentalism’s Greta Thunberg has been compared to Joan d’Arc, nicknamed the “Maid of Orleans”. This comparison is apt. St. Joan allegedly heard voices from God, which in part guided … Continue reading Greta “d’Thunberg,” the “Maid of Gaia”

There They Go “Footloose”

The Iranian misogynist regime is at it again; this incarnation of oppressing women involves dancing. Yes, they threw a young woman in jail for dancing. Response from western feminists so far is unavailable at this interval in time. #SahraAfsharian, Iranian young street dancer is in jail. Her crime? Uploading her dancing performance on instagram. Her family told me they’ve been threatened not to speak to media. This week 2 other women were also arrested for crime of dancing. Hey World! can you hear us? pic.twitter.com/gSQkKPrfwe — Masih Alinejad 🏳️ (@AlinejadMasih) October 9, 2019 Continue reading There They Go “Footloose”