“I Want To Be Let Alone”

Greta Garbo was mimicked in a faux Swedish accent for saying “I vant to be alone”. Originally a line from one of her movies, observers noted that it fit her role in private life. She once clarified that attribution as false and a correct version was “I want to be let alone”. That made all the difference. I think Garbo’s point was that she was in control of her own life and didn’t want anybody’s advice or interference in living it. She retired from her film career partly because she would not compromise with an industry which compels its stars … Continue reading “I Want To Be Let Alone”

Chairman Obamao

A 39-year old Beijing businessman has found the “democratic” appeal of the greatest mass murderer in history to be similar to that of the prominent visitor coming soon to China. By incorporating an image of United States President Barack Obama outfitted with the peasant/worker garb of Chairman Mao Zedong and imprinting it on t-shirts and other items a brisk market has been created. Anticipating that Mr. Obama might not see the “funny side” in this initiative, plans have been made to take down displays of the products during the official visit by the US President. American businessmen might want to have a look at the video report on this … Continue reading Chairman Obamao

Time to Trade

I have written quite a few words in my efforts to put all of the nonsense about the government bail out of General Motors into perspective. For example, I pointed out the disingenuous claims by the American President that there would be no political intervention accompanying government ownership. Also, one of my articles most read on this site was the essay on the GM dithering over the sale of Adam Opel GmbH. It is a measure of the unique ability of art to highlight the essentials of a complex issue. Today, I encountered one such example signed by cartoon artist … Continue reading Time to Trade

Politicians’ Inferno

Afghanistan will represent a disaster for the west, particularly the United States, as a result of no clear statement of the enemy’s identity, political hamstringing of the military, and plain old statist politics as usual. War is a hell created by the advocates of political power over individuals. It is the objective of statists to use the threat of physical force to compel individuals in a society to do as the national planners propose, usually through some alleged politics of compromise. Unfortunately, the individual is usually the minority sacrificed to such compromise. Ultimately, such willingness to set aside any concerns … Continue reading Politicians’ Inferno

Low Key

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is a little more conservative in his public appearances than say the high-flying President of the United States. Mr. Harper is less likely to seize every opportunity to make a speech or appear on a world stage somewhere. Recent polls in Canada have even revealed that President Obama is popular with Canadians, though I don’t understand the relevance of taking such polls. Is it leadership envy that leads to domestic criticism leveled at Mr. Harper for being uninteresting? Well, take a look at this endearing display of charm and talent. Copyright 2009 Edward Podritske Continue reading Low Key

Lucy in the Sky with Dummies

For 32 years, an Asian elephant named Lucy has lived in relative comfort and splendor at the Edmonton Valley Zoo in central Alberta, Canada. At age 34 years, she is like other older creatures, suffering from declining health. Lucy has labored breathing, dental problems, and is arthritic. Professional veterinary care is part of her ongoing health care plan. No death panels have been convened for Lucy, yet. Along come the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and a growing host of celebrities, adding their support to a plan to relocate Lucy from the frigid winters of sunny Alberta … Continue reading Lucy in the Sky with Dummies

Goodnight Grasshopper

Like the fictional character Kwai Chang Caine he portrayed in the early 1970’s television series, Kung-fu, David Carradine appeared to wander through life in search of meaning. The usual indicators were there: 4 divorces in 5 marriages, periods of alcohol and narcotics addictions plus an interest in Eastern philosophies that seemed to indicate a reluctance to separate from his portrayal of a Shaolin priest. The series episodes depicted the oriental figure imparting wisdom from the mysterious East (and roundhouse kicks) to Western cowboys. After 3 years of the program, Carradine quit because he thought the scripts were starting to be … Continue reading Goodnight Grasshopper