What Difference Does Syria Make?

Syrians killed in the ongoing civil war will be just as dead tomorrow whether their lives were extinguished by beheading, bombing, shooting, stabbing, defenestration or gassing with chemical weapons. “What difference does it make?” is to borrow an infamous question from one of the New Left’s most prominent of sacred cows, Hillary Clinton. Of course she was referring to the circumstances surrounding the Benghazi affair in which four Americans were killed nearly one year ago. Today still there are no reasonable answers to the embarrassing questions some were asking and which led to her hectoring outburst. Was the US secretly … Continue reading What Difference Does Syria Make?

Chairman Obamao

A 39-year old Beijing businessman has found the “democratic” appeal of the greatest mass murderer in history to be similar to that of the prominent visitor coming soon to China. By incorporating an image of United States President Barack Obama outfitted with the peasant/worker garb of Chairman Mao Zedong and imprinting it on t-shirts and other items a brisk market has been created. Anticipating that Mr. Obama might not see the “funny side” in this initiative, plans have been made to take down displays of the products during the official visit by the US President. American businessmen might want to have a look at the video report on this … Continue reading Chairman Obamao

Madam Speaker: “Put Your Best Face Forward”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is off to China leading a Congressional delegation visiting from May 24-31. Will the pomp and circumstance and her apparent intent to focus on winning allies in the battle against “climate change” be enough to make everyone forget about her allegations levied against the CIA recently? Her outlandish accusations are unlikely to be forgotten by the folks at the CIA, or of course by opposition critics. Pelosi is also known for making critical remarks against the Chinese regime relative to human rights issues and with the upcoming 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre on June 4th, will … Continue reading Madam Speaker: “Put Your Best Face Forward”