Pork Them

The low calibre of the United States’ educational system has consequences. Too many people can’t read, write or do simple arithmetic at a level adequate to function effectively in modern society. Even these undesirable consequences are secondary to the fact that many never really learned how to think. Today we see evidence of all of this in Alaska. Lisa Murkowski is a Republican Senator from the state, or at least she is fighting to retain that status in a ballot-counting exercise reminiscent of the lunacy over “hanging ‘chads’” in a Florida ballot recount during the 2000 Presidential Elections. During the … Continue reading Pork Them

Turbulent Waters Ahead

American voters will soon participate in a drill to rearrange the deck chairs on their titanic ship of State. Election Day is November 2, 2010. Many are caught up in the idea that a new crew with better ideas will help navigate through rough seas. However, few have recognized the looming economic iceberg of unintended consequences, the unavoidable cumulative result of a drift toward greater command and control by both captain and crew—those past and present. Fundamentally nothing changes in the corporatist managed economy of the United States, including the growing scope of government involvement in the daily affairs of … Continue reading Turbulent Waters Ahead

‘Cane in a Cave

What should have been—in a rational culture—little more than a storm in a teacup, has unfortunately morphed from an insignificant symbolic gesture to an event possibly requiring tactical changes in the so-called War on Terror. Pastor Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida wants to mark the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 act of war by Islamic jihadists by burning a few hundred copies of the jihadists’ military manual—the Koran. Stormy events emanating from Florida usually involve natural hurricanes or at least tropical storms, but the Cable News Network (CNN) and the rest of the … Continue reading ‘Cane in a Cave

The More Things…

From the Associated Press today: Tens of thousands of workers marched in cities from Hong Kong to Istanbul Saturday to mark international worker’s day, demanding more jobs, better work conditions and higher wages. A year ago today, I published a comment on “May Day” observations. Although “workers” in Greece and elsewhere may have their own spin on how to resolve the crisis of their country’s insolvency in the latest economic manifestation of the consequences of collectivism, nothing has fundamentally changed for the better in my view. “Better” would be a trend away from collectivism and toward individualism as a basic … Continue reading The More Things…

Eruptions in the News

Volcano The volcano in Iceland that belched enough concentrated emissions over Europe to ground air travel to a degree not seen since September 11, 2001 must be the envy of climate-change prognosticator Al Gore. His own eructations about carbon emissions have not enjoyed such an impact for a while. Of course, with the United Nations’ International Panel on Climate Change record for fraud and data manipulation, how long will it be before human intervention in Iceland is blamed for this natural occurrence? Opening Salvo The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has accused Goldman Sachs & Company of defrauding … Continue reading Eruptions in the News

Random Stories Earn Consistent Comment

Tiger Woods The mind and body are inextricably linked. There is no soul-body dichotomy. Tiger will continue to perform as a superb golfer (as long as he doesn’t cheat). His conduct at the “19th hole” and beyond reveals much about his incomplete development as a human being. His primary moral obligation now is to maintain some practical level of relationship with his wife for the sake of the children they’ve brought into existence. Any “obligation” to golf fans is subordinate. Jesse James Clearly, an essential aspect of this man’s knowledge and psychology is the adornment of human bodies—his own and … Continue reading Random Stories Earn Consistent Comment

Points North

If you’ve been hiding in a cave you may not be aware that the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, hosted in Vancouver, British Columbia were generally rated a success, particularly for the host country. Of course, Canadians being Canadians, or rather Canadian journalists and other intellectuals, both foreign and domestic, being what they are cannot leave well enough alone. So much has been said about how, given their reputation for affable quirkiness and self-deprecation, the Canadians could possibly put on such a show as they did. The boisterous, chauvinistic or perhaps patriotic display of emotions could not be restrained for long, … Continue reading Points North

“Race” for the Primitive

Imagine that you’ve met the love of your life; you’ve begun cohabitation or even married and settled into your lover’s home within the local community. One day there is the equivalent of a knock at the door of your love nest and an unexpected letter arrives. It is addressed only to you, not your partner. As you read the letter you come to understand it is an eviction notice, concluding with the statement, “We trust that you understand the seriousness of this letter and will govern yourself accordingly.” You have been given ten days to pack up and leave or … Continue reading “Race” for the Primitive

In Other Words

I have a lot to say about such things as the “Copenhagen Accord,” the collectivist threat presented by a disintegrating United States of America, and the existential threat posed by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Never have I felt more concern for the future of man than in 2009. It is not writers’ block preventing me from stating these concerns more explicitly. It is a matter of time for further study and for clearly formulating the right message. This brings me to today. The right message is that I wish you a “Merry Christmas”. In other words—since the essence of … Continue reading In Other Words

Score Another for Reality

Thursday, 12 November 2009 As most of North American media representatives, politicians, and senior military brass (yes, even them,) publicly trip over each other in their efforts to appear inoffensive to Muslims when commenting on the terrorist-style attack at Fort Hood by “alleged” killer Major Nidal Malik Hasan, it’s refreshing to hear of a political figure who advances a different approach. Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has just issued a new guide for immigrants wishing to become Canadian citizens. It is available today. The primary purpose of the new study guide is to lend some substance to the … Continue reading Score Another for Reality