“Mr. Dressup” Defeats “Howdy Doody” in a Decision

As many expected, Justin Trudeau has defeated his main opponent in the Canadian Federal Election 2019, but with a minority of seats. Andrew Scheer, with his boyish face and steady grin reminded me of the puppet character from the old “Howdy Doody” television program from the 1950s and 1960s. His outlook was similar; everything will always be alright in the end. However, Scheer’s Conservatives were not able to gin up enough support from the voters in Ontario and Quebec—the only provinces where votes really count in a Federal Election—and so Liberals carried the day in left-leaning Canada once again. And, … Continue reading “Mr. Dressup” Defeats “Howdy Doody” in a Decision

Principles Wanted: Apply by October 21, 2019

A Federal Election looms in Canada and the major parties are positioning their public images to capture the imaginations of the electorate. What else could be the objective when no leader has articulated a platform judgeable in terms of fundamental principles? Consider Justin Trudeau and the Liberals by surveying the preoccupations of the government in recent years. The top issues (notwithstanding the SNC-Lavalin affair) would be those driving all the rest: gender “identities,” native populations and “climate change”. The Liberal Party website reveals a mind-boggling number of issues presumed to be addressed by the Liberal government’s vision of “real change.” … Continue reading Principles Wanted: Apply by October 21, 2019