This Time It’s Different

Blithely comes one Barack Obama to Green Bay, Wisconsin to talk about reforming health care in the United States, home to the most advanced system of medical and health care in the world. Those savvy folks in Wisconsin probably have internet access so they could have reviewed the President’s imperatives on his web-site. Of course it does help Obama and the anticipated Democrat dynasty to propose the spreading of “loaves and fishes” while at a “town hall” meeting. The ever eager media frisson which accompanies such events represents lots of additional publicity to promote the fantasy of utopia. What does … Continue reading This Time It’s Different

“Git er Done”

Is there a little “redneck” in President Obama? His eloquence notwithstanding, it would appear that the sentiment of urging, encouraging or demanding associated with the expression “Git er done,” is embodied in his recent statements. Made famous by comedian “Larry the Cable Guy” (Daniel Lawrence Whitney) the use of this idiom, delivered in a guttural style, is similar to others in which the command is for action, while consequences are considered secondary: “Just do it!” “Damn the torpedoes!” I refer to recent remarks Mr. Obama made to supporters in which he urged them to push Congress to pass legislation on … Continue reading “Git er Done”

Reforming Whose Health Care?

The US health care system is now under a full frontal assault by the Federal government in the guise of “Health Care Reform”. How many times do I have to say, “define your terms”. Reform health care? Whose health care? Mine or yours? Given the context I know that it is the “system” that allegedly needs “reforming”. So what is wrong with it? Sifting through much of the rhetoric about it there are three key elements: Health care services are considered too expensive. Health care is not provided efficiently. Too many people are uninsured (41 million Americans are reported as such). … Continue reading Reforming Whose Health Care?