The Turmoil of Being Turmel

  Nycole Turmel is the acting leader of the Canadian New Democratic Party (NDP), relieving Jack Layton who recently stepped down to deal with personal health priorities. It did not take long for the neophyte leader of the official opposition in the House of Commons to get into trouble. Nycole From “The Bloc” Nycole Turmel has come under widespread criticism in light of the revelation that she was once a card-carrying member of the Bloc Québécois, a Quebec nationalist federal party on the left wing of the commonly-used political spectrum. “The Bloc”, as it is referred to in most of … Continue reading The Turmoil of Being Turmel

Standing Tall

Once again, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper makes it clear why he is a man to respect, and even more unusual, that he is a politician who tries to avoid prevarication. At the current G8 summit in Deauville, France Mr. Harper stands tall as the only leader refusing to embrace the US President’s position relative to restarting the perennially fruitless peace negotiations involving the Israelis and Palestinians. US President Barack Obama has come out asserting that the 1967 pre-existing borders of Israel ought to be the starting point for negotiating a peace deal between Israel and the proposed Palestinian state, … Continue reading Standing Tall

Turbulent Waters Ahead

American voters will soon participate in a drill to rearrange the deck chairs on their titanic ship of State. Election Day is November 2, 2010. Many are caught up in the idea that a new crew with better ideas will help navigate through rough seas. However, few have recognized the looming economic iceberg of unintended consequences, the unavoidable cumulative result of a drift toward greater command and control by both captain and crew—those past and present. Fundamentally nothing changes in the corporatist managed economy of the United States, including the growing scope of government involvement in the daily affairs of … Continue reading Turbulent Waters Ahead

The Greek Experiment

According to New York Times reporting concurrent with the bailout of Greece, the President of the United States advised leaders of Germany and France relative to the European Union/International Monetary Fund (IMF) decision. The Times cited unnamed senior Administration officials who stated that President Obama’s “experience” in brokering big deals was brought to bear (i.e. through his involvement in various U.S. economic stimulus packages and corporate bailouts); Obama’s encouragement to “think big ideas” allegedly helped lead to the trillion dollar deal via a “special purpose vehicle” (essentially a form of Eurobond issue). The end result of the weekend negotiations was … Continue reading The Greek Experiment

Tehran to Terrorists

A developing story in the Levant today may lead to a greater impact on the legacy of United States President Barack Obama than will yesterday’s gubernatorial election losses for the Democrats. As the White House, mainstream media, and talk radio spinners tried to put their own partisan-inspired twists on interpreting the voters’ message in New Jersey and Virginia, the Israeli navy was seizing another shipment of arms in the pipeline from Tehran to Terrorists. The Associated Press story is available on The unusual seizure of another weapons cargo in a routine interception by the Israeli navy brought to light … Continue reading Tehran to Terrorists

Round and Round We Go

The leaders of that wacky Iranian terror regime sure know how to hold a consistent view. On Wednesday of this week the Islamic fascist terror state will mark the thirtieth anniversary of its takeover of the United States Embassy, with anti-Western rallies likely to be held again in front of the old embassy building. It was on November 4, 1979 that radical Islamic student thugs took 52 American hostages and effectively declared war on the West on behalf of fundamentalist Islam. They were backed by the ayatollahs and now many of those same radicals may be found among the power … Continue reading Round and Round We Go

Too Many Lawyers, Again

Recently, on Fox Business Channel, hostess Alexis Glick asked an exchange trader for his views of recent actions directed at the US economy by the central government. In response he invoked the old cliche about there being too many lawyers in society. In summary, the disgruntled trader said that too many lawyers, without any training in or knowledge of economics, were making legislation and policy initiatives affecting the economy. He added that as far as he was concerned, this was the greatest problem in America today. I sympathize with this trader and agree with him as far as his statement goes, but the problem to which he only alluded runs … Continue reading Too Many Lawyers, Again

National Planning 2009

A tribute to the role of the State in society: “It is the State which educates its citizens in civic virtue, gives them a consciousness of their mission and welds them into unity; harmonizing their various interests through justice, and transmitting to future generations the mental conquests of science, of art, of law, of human solidarity.” The Chief Executive of the United States has a plan. He outlined it in the broadest terms during his inaugural address and has been, more or less, following through with his subsequent actions. The above quote, by the way, is not from him though … Continue reading National Planning 2009