Obligation to Work

It is a characteristic of human nature that man must work in order to survive. That is, man does not possess physical advantages to forage for survival nor does he have an instinct to guide him in self-preservation. The defining attribute of man is his mind. He must think and act in accord with a chosen path of productiveness in order to survive. Anything that obstructs or impairs him in this quest that is not present in nature is destructive and evil. Barriers placed in the way of man’s creativity and productivity by other men are immoral. One must keep … Continue reading Obligation to Work

Rocket Redo

On 25 March—from a position safely outside the demilitarized zone (DMZ) dividing North and South Korea—US President Barack Obama warned the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) against taking any “provocative” measures. It was a meaningless warning of empty rhetoric. For years this regime has drawn attention to itself in order to gain benefits, much as a horrid little child would by throwing a tantrum until mommy gives in and provides more treats. That is approximately the level of sophistication the US and other nations have demonstrated in dealing with North Korea, a socialist dictatorship featuring the usual famine and … Continue reading Rocket Redo

Lies, Damn Lies and Politicians

Ever since Senator John McCain indulged himself in last Thursday’s Senate floor rant mocking the Tea Party constituency, there has been continuing criticism of Congressional members who refuse to compromise. McCain was challenged publicly for his disparaging remarks, and in an apparent move to pacify Tea Party supporters, attenuated his Congressional statements by saying he only meant to convey his disagreement with the obstinacy of this caucus. On Sunday, Senator Jon Kyl sort of agreed. He thought it was a shame that a few senators “standing on principle” could not be budged from their position when most everyone else thought … Continue reading Lies, Damn Lies and Politicians

Duelling With Wolves

Al-Qaeda is on its last legs, according to various US officials; an analysis by journalist Peter Goodspeed touches on the related issues in a National Post article. However, some officials say the main threat now comes from “home-grown” terror. “Lone-Wolves” using the internet to learn their evil craft or to organize plots with other wolves pose a greater danger to us all. The US government is preparing to handle duelling with wolves in its usual blunt-force manner. Fear-Mongering I’ve made the point before that fear-mongering by various named and “unnamed” officials contributes to further abuses of rights using such police-state … Continue reading Duelling With Wolves

The Right Food

Did you know that the United Nations employs a position entitled, “The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food”? I did not know it either. Prof. Olivier De Schutter holds that position and his job is to compile reports for the governing body. That is what a Rapporteur does routinely. Prof. Olivier De Schutter has denounced, according to an Agence France-Presse article appearing in the National Post online, a current UN report which supports the Israeli commando raid on a Turkish “aid flotilla” in May of last year. The “Gaza Freedom Flotilla” was bent on breaking the Gaza … Continue reading The Right Food

Standing Tall

Once again, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper makes it clear why he is a man to respect, and even more unusual, that he is a politician who tries to avoid prevarication. At the current G8 summit in Deauville, France Mr. Harper stands tall as the only leader refusing to embrace the US President’s position relative to restarting the perennially fruitless peace negotiations involving the Israelis and Palestinians. US President Barack Obama has come out asserting that the 1967 pre-existing borders of Israel ought to be the starting point for negotiating a peace deal between Israel and the proposed Palestinian state, … Continue reading Standing Tall

It’s Not About Faggots

Last week a controversy arose in Canada after an individual in St. John’s, Newfoundland was offended. He was offended by the word “faggot” in the lyrics of “Money for Nothing,” a song by Dire Straits.  The offended one took his complaint to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC) which ruled that the song be banned from broadcast on all Canadian radio stations unless edited. Comments and observations across media channels ranged from pleas for understanding the artistry of the songwriter to whether or not contemporary culture is more enlightened than that which existed in the 1980s. The song won a … Continue reading It’s Not About Faggots

What’s the Big Idea?

The most significant development of 2010 was a life-affirming idea demonstrating the concept of spontaneous order and implying the cardinal virtue of independence of the individual. One frustrated individual, Rick Santelli, ranted on-air at CNBC on February 19, 2009 about certain oppressive interventionist actions of government and called for a new Tea Party. Some credit this rant as the start of the movement. Whether Mr. Santelli was the catalyst or not doesn’t matter. Despite broad media and political efforts to trivialize the phenomenon, Tea Partiers collected support across party lines, social classes and cultural subgroups. The influence of the Tea … Continue reading What’s the Big Idea?

Terror Tactic

From Stockholm a Reuters story speculates about connections to an apparently foiled attack by a suicide bomber last Saturday. A premature detonation caused an explosive-laden vehicle to burst into flames killing the bomber, Taymour Abdulwahab. A local security spokesperson was reported to have said that a team of investigators, including the FBI, was looking for “links with blasts elsewhere”. Initially, Swedish authorities speculated that Abdulwahab had accomplices and was possibly targeting the central railway station or a large department store. Looking for links to blasts elsewhere? The article contained the following statements: “…Middle East-born suicide bomber Taymour Abdulwahab…. “Abdulwahab’s family … Continue reading Terror Tactic

Turbulent Waters Ahead

American voters will soon participate in a drill to rearrange the deck chairs on their titanic ship of State. Election Day is November 2, 2010. Many are caught up in the idea that a new crew with better ideas will help navigate through rough seas. However, few have recognized the looming economic iceberg of unintended consequences, the unavoidable cumulative result of a drift toward greater command and control by both captain and crew—those past and present. Fundamentally nothing changes in the corporatist managed economy of the United States, including the growing scope of government involvement in the daily affairs of … Continue reading Turbulent Waters Ahead