Netanyahu and Obama

Israel and United States officially meet again (yawn) to discuss Mid-East politics. Each is represented by recently installed leaders, though “Bibi” has been Prime Minister of Israel in the past. Mr. Netanyahu was also much reviled by the “leftist” fellow-travelers of Barack Obama if I recall anything about his previous tenure. The fractured political condition of Israel, essentially a mixed political economy with limited concepts of individual rights, is about as far down the socialist path as perhaps President Obama aspires for the United States. Benjamin Netanyahu however, is viewed as a “right wing” politician with a fairly no-nonsense approach to … Continue reading Netanyahu and Obama

National Planning 2009

A tribute to the role of the State in society: “It is the State which educates its citizens in civic virtue, gives them a consciousness of their mission and welds them into unity; harmonizing their various interests through justice, and transmitting to future generations the mental conquests of science, of art, of law, of human solidarity.” The Chief Executive of the United States has a plan. He outlined it in the broadest terms during his inaugural address and has been, more or less, following through with his subsequent actions. The above quote, by the way, is not from him though … Continue reading National Planning 2009

Courting Supreme Disaster

President Obama has his first opportunity to nominate a Supreme Court Justice, and his choice could define his presidency and his place in history. The appointments taking place during his administration, like those made in  previous administrations, will impact the highest court for decades. It is one of the incumbent President’s most profound and serious responsibilities. Let’s hope that Mr. Obama considers his first nomination as seriously and objectively as the task deserves. There is some reason for concern. Mr. Obama has expressed the view that “empathy” would be a desirable characteristic in a Supreme Court Justice. Also, his assessment of the … Continue reading Courting Supreme Disaster