Hypocrisy Not the Biggest Joke Here

I don’t care about the super-rich heading off to Google Camp in 114 private jets, mega yachts and Maserati cars. Wish that I had that much going for me. I don’t even think the hypocrisy is the biggest issue. What I resent is their collective calls to use the brute force of the State to compel us to act against our best interests. The mind does not function under force. Finally, I’d welcome a milder climate, and if there are severe consequences, which I doubt, it is free minds and resultant technology that will save the day. Camp’s over. Go … Continue reading Hypocrisy Not the Biggest Joke Here

Violations of Rights

An imbroglio in Canada’s House of Commons developed recently over a “summer jobs program” funded by the government. Well, not so much the program, which all parties seem to agree is a good thing. In fact, the article refers to it as a “normally feel-good program.” The trouble started when Mr. Trudeau’s government introduced a condition for funding applications this year. It is the requirement that applicants must sign an attestation that their organization’s “core mandate” respects the notion of “reproductive rights.” Otherwise, their applications would be rejected. Over 1500 have been rejected so far with just over 100 at … Continue reading Violations of Rights

Mealy-mouthed Revisions of History

A recent ruling by the Supreme Court of Canada (SCOC) may reveal why this country will never develop more significant economic prosperity domestically let alone in world trade. Global News reports of a decision over Section 121 of the Constitution. A New Brunswick resident had been fined for purchasing beer and spirits in Quebec which he was transporting to his home across Provincial boundaries into New Brunswick. Gerard Comeau was stopped by RCMP, issued a summons on behalf of the New Brunswick government and his purchases were confiscated. Mr. Comeau challenged the actions under Section 121 of the Constitution Act, … Continue reading Mealy-mouthed Revisions of History

The State Media Institute

Many complain about the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), which I prefer to describe as “State Media.” Given that the CBC is primarily funded by the Canadian government it can’t be more accurately described otherwise. Now, even The Globe and Mail has joined the fray to cast a critical eye. John Doyle writes as a television critic in the linked article. Doyle subjected himself to the personal agony of watching intently an entire edition of the flagship news hour program The National. He emerged with an understanding of why viewers are fleeing; the program lacks coherence and bears little resemblance to … Continue reading The State Media Institute

Anarchists For “Climate Change”

If you’ve not heard, Kinder Morgan, a pipeline construction company has suspended all but “necessary expenditures” in the construction of a massive project involving an energy pipeline installation from Alberta through British Columbia to the Pacific coast. The company has taken this action in light of a major political dispute between the governments of the two provinces aforementioned. Briefly, Alberta wants the project to move forward with haste. The government depends on the energy loot from taxation and needs to be seen as addressing a high unemployment situation in the province. The government of British Columbia on the other hand … Continue reading Anarchists For “Climate Change”

Pork Them

The low calibre of the United States’ educational system has consequences. Too many people can’t read, write or do simple arithmetic at a level adequate to function effectively in modern society. Even these undesirable consequences are secondary to the fact that many never really learned how to think. Today we see evidence of all of this in Alaska. Lisa Murkowski is a Republican Senator from the state, or at least she is fighting to retain that status in a ballot-counting exercise reminiscent of the lunacy over “hanging ‘chads’” in a Florida ballot recount during the 2000 Presidential Elections. During the … Continue reading Pork Them

Tea Leaves

Poking at tea leaves following the U.S. mid-term elections is a rationalistic divining exercise. One thing is clear: American voters indicated they are unhappy with the status quo. Unfortunately, government influence in daily life will continue to escalate. The biggest problem the world over is the ever-expanding scope of the State in the lives of individuals. Nothing about this election is likely to check the growth of Leviathan. Staying with the U.S. example, there are several factors which justify pessimism. Foremost is the primarily partisan reaction of President Obama: as surprising as sunrise.  Nothing about this man suggests to me … Continue reading Tea Leaves

Eruptions in the News

Volcano The volcano in Iceland that belched enough concentrated emissions over Europe to ground air travel to a degree not seen since September 11, 2001 must be the envy of climate-change prognosticator Al Gore. His own eructations about carbon emissions have not enjoyed such an impact for a while. Of course, with the United Nations’ International Panel on Climate Change record for fraud and data manipulation, how long will it be before human intervention in Iceland is blamed for this natural occurrence? Opening Salvo The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has accused Goldman Sachs & Company of defrauding … Continue reading Eruptions in the News

International Government Motors

Do you really think that the decision by General Motors to try and renege on the deal for the sale of Adam Opel GmbH to Magna International Inc. was untainted by politics? People aren’t calling it Government Motors for nothing. The structure of the German Trust holding 65 percent of Opel allows for an impasse between GM and German government representatives. There is no tie-breaking provision. The only way out is political. One analysis I heard offered speculation that the United States government may not “allow” GM to use its improved cash position to invest in European operations. Remember that the … Continue reading International Government Motors

The Obese Lie

You know perhaps about the theory of the “Big Lie,” where the basic idea is that if you tell a big whopper and repeat it often enough, everyone will believe you because they cannot comprehend anyone being so audacious as to offer such a story in the first place if it weren’t true. Adolf Hitler has been credited as an originator of this theory, using it effectively in propaganda efforts for the Third Reich. It was apparently discussed in Mein Kampf, but that title is not high on my reading list. George Orwell was clearly acquainted with the concept as well as … Continue reading The Obese Lie