Kiss Off

There have been overtures made to me regarding the kissing couple featured in my last essay. It was pointed out by one commenter that viewed from the opposite perspective it seemed the young man was helping the young woman to resuscitate, she perhaps having lost her breath after being knocked down by the mob revellers. Another source has suggested to me that a parent of the young man in the photo actually recognized him and confirmed that yes; in fact he was trying diligently to revive the young woman. I would only ask that, especially of those among you who … Continue reading Kiss Off

A Kiss Is Not Just A Kiss

The picture of an amorous Vancouver couple, locked in a kiss following the home team loss in the Stanley Cup Final, has been widely described in positive terms. Against the backdrop of a destructive mob with a stoic riot cop in the foreground, the seemingly spatchcocked image of the couple has captured worldwide attention as perhaps the sole bit of sanity amidst the collective violence. Writers at national newspapers have opined that they would take kissing over the mob violence any day. My view is that this picture captures perfectly, in symbolic terms, a decline of individualism in ethics. I refer … Continue reading A Kiss Is Not Just A Kiss

Points North

If you’ve been hiding in a cave you may not be aware that the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, hosted in Vancouver, British Columbia were generally rated a success, particularly for the host country. Of course, Canadians being Canadians, or rather Canadian journalists and other intellectuals, both foreign and domestic, being what they are cannot leave well enough alone. So much has been said about how, given their reputation for affable quirkiness and self-deprecation, the Canadians could possibly put on such a show as they did. The boisterous, chauvinistic or perhaps patriotic display of emotions could not be restrained for long, … Continue reading Points North