The World Out There

I have found it useful to monitor or refer to these sites. Their appearance does not always imply my full endorsement, however I am fully invested in a few.

All are generally reliable sources of information, often very good ones. I commend them to your consideration.

American Institute for Economic Research

Arts and Letters

Ayn Rand Institute

The Epoch Times

Foundation for Economic Education

Geopolitical Intelligence

The Harry Binswanger Letter (HBL)

Stat News

Note Regarding Mainstream Media

I have excluded all mainstream media links as most are already familiar with them. Their appearance in any of my writing is for the purpose of constructive criticism or to acknowledge a source. Only rarely is praise justified. Most often it is the non-objective reporting that raises examples of irrationality.

The ethical and political orientation of mainstream media from an altruist-collectivist axis is unprofessional journalism. The clear presentation of essential facts is practically absent. I cannot in general recommend any of them.

In particular, the hysterical and fearmongering nature of reporting during the 2020 novel coronavirus pandemic has cemented my negative opinion of these sources. -EP