Truth and Nothing More

I’ve suspended comments temporarily.

The reason is that I’ve become so concerned about the deterioration of our western culture I need to think more fundamentally about the underlying causes of the decay.

The latest delusion and madness that has caught my attention is the consequences of official policies of multiculturalism. It is most evident in Canada where I reside.

However, the delusion is widespread. It impacts western societies across the globe, including Europe, the remnants of the British Commonwealth as well as all of North America. Why?

Perhaps the greatest error ever committed by societies was the conceding of the responsibility for education of children to the state. No longer do young minds have much opportunity for a conceptual education, that is in training them to think for themselves. Instead, they are bombarded with out-of-context concrete examples of issues (largely political) or maybe worse, left to create their own programs of study.

The result of such pitiful approaches to education is several generations largely out of touch with the facts of reality (truth), unable to think in principles (to discover the truth)but in many cases full of useless information or at worst being completely neurotic.

What all of this holds for the future of a culture out of touch with reality is self-destruction, In philosophical terms it is nihilism. The only question seems to be how long it will take to fade into some form of chaos and dictatorship.

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