“Andrew Scheer Says Canadians Will See Conservative Climate Plan ‘Very Soon'”

Andrew Scheer Says Canadians Will See Conservative Climate Plan ‘Very Soon’ https://a.msn.com/r/2/BBOcWkD?m=en-ca&referrerID=InAppShare

As I mentioned two days ago, Andrew Scheer handled questions from state media’s (CBC) Catherine Cullen with some good political manoeuvring.

This follow-up story from HuffPost recaps the interview nicely, even quoting Cullen’s question characterizing the IPCC report as referring to a “life or death” issue.

The problem is, everybody in media and politics takes this pseudo-science seriously. No one has the intellectual honesty to challenge the methodology, which is not scientific by the way.

That criticism includes Andrew Scheer, who appears ready to compromise as he and his party come up with another version of spending wealth confiscated from those in Canada who might apprecate a climate that is one or two degrees warmer on average.

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