Climate Spending

I was informed that the “science is settled” on “climate change”.

The “activists,” politicians, fear-mongers and many scientists around the world apparently don’t think so.

A news item today reveals what’s really at stake and that is government spending on “climate change” research, particularly at universities.

An open letter signed by an international group of 250 scientists urges the Canadian government of Justin Trudeau to reconsider its cutting of a funding program for research in the Canadian Arctic relative to “climate change”.

The signatories, apparently promoted by some group called Evidence For Democracy, are concerned that Canada is dropping what is potentially a leadership role on “climate change” especially in light of US President Trump’s balking on the issue.

So despite the rhetoric it’s really all about spending by governments in the end. Jobs, especially government funded jobs are on the line.

Well fear not, fear-mongers. A close reading of the article reveals that what government funds it must control. The Trudeau government isn’t really backing out of such spending but centralizing control within its own departments.

Oh, and given the unacceptability of any program established by the previous Harper government, the one at issue had to go.

The Climate Change and Atmospheric Research (CCAR) program was a less costly alternative established by the Harper government. CCAR in turn replaced a very expensive program established by Prime Minister Chretien’s Liberal government.

There you have it. Spending and politics as usual underlies “climate change”.

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